How on earth did we ever get THAT insane idea in our heads?

Of course we wanted to “play big” with the so called “Guru’s” so we decided to blow over 3000 bucks on it…..what the!”

From the desk of Alesha Drew:

Sure, up until this point we’d spent plenty of our hard earned cash on other marketing methods to drive traffic…

…and bombed.

But NOT $3000 in one bloody shot!

“I still remember that moment to this very day…
It stands alone so chillingly vivid in my mind.
Some things you just don’t ever forget.”

They haunt you until you choose to make your mistake mean something other than a massively agonizing big fat regret.

More on that a little later….

Listen: So…

…there I was.

Bright eyed and bushy tailed little old rookie affiliate marketer me!

Can you picture it? 😉


I thought I had it all worked out.

“You need to get traffic”

“You need to get traffic”

“You need to get traffic”

Did you get that?

Yeah I know.

You’ve heard the marketing “Guru” choir sing that old tune before haven’t you?

Man I’ve never liked the term “Guru.”

Can’t quite put my finger on it.

Something about it just erks me.

That’s another discussion for another rainy day.


It’s a song that sits at the top of the charts week in and week out.

Do you hear it?

“You need to get traffic”

Soprano style.

Ok maybe Alto style….whatever.

It sits at the back of your sub conscious mind like those annoying insurance ad’s on tv with those catchy little tune’s you end up singing all dam day and wake up hearing.

I digress…

Off I trotted with my partner John Paul…

Hell….”they” kept saying how easy it was.

We were SO SICK of hearing that!

Aren’t you?

We were fed up with the painstaking struggle, feeling like failures even though we were doing what we were told to do.


As we sat behind our 27 inch Macbook the ever so subtle click of the apple mouse on the buy now button on the screen, deafens my ears to this very day.

Because on that particular day we thought “THAT” click of the mouse was going to solve everything!

Surely when you spend $3000 on a solo ad driving thousands of visitors to your affiliate offer you’re bound for success right?

Allowing you to live the true freedom lifestyle you’ve ached for…

… for what seems an eternity?

We were guaranteed to win!

Let’s just say we were selling the best most juiciest succulent meat in existence to thousands of Vegetarians without even knowing it until it was way too late.

All of a sudden…

…our world came shattering down around us.

I crumbled.

I felt like a damn idiot.


“How could I have been so stupid to think this was going to solve everything?”

“F*ck! We just blew 3000 bucks and maxed out an entire credit card for zero results!”

“Come on! What in the world did we do to deserve this?!”

“All the nay sayers would be laughing at us hysterically chanting in unison: I told you so! if they knew about this!”


Hey: You might have possibly said some stuff like this to yourself in the past.

That’s cool.

You know why?

Because THAT big fat mistake woke us the hell up!

And more importantly…

…it’s about to wake you the hell up!

Because I’m going to share with you why this huge embarrassing error of judgment turned out to be one of the biggest learning experiences of our lives…



Want to know what it is?

Here it goes:

Not EVERYONE is going to be interested in what you have to offer.

Not EVERYONE has the problem that your offer solves.

Stick your succulent meat in front of millions and billions and trillions of hard core Vegetarians and how many sales are you gonna make?



Is the light bulb going berserk?

Yep, this enlightenment hit me like a sack of moldy old potatoes I should have seen coming a long time ago.


What we discovered next actually did change EVERYTHING!

(You’re going to find out what that is right now.)

NOTE: Read these next two words and rejoice with me:



Yeah, you may have heard these words before but what you’re probably not really “getting” is that once you know


  • HOW: To research your exact target audience with the right tools, even if you know nothing about your niche
  • HOW: To dig deep inside their heart and mind to discover exactly what your target audience truly wants
  • HOW: To create mind blowing content that speaks directly to your exact target audience that sells 24/7

…YOU can startlingly command an endless flow of unique targeted traffic to your offer that are DYING to buy what you are selling even while you’re zzzzz.


This isn’t as simple as clicking the mouse and gathering thousands of leads.

As Dr Phil would say:

“How’s that workin for ya?”


Don’t get me wrong, solo ads can convert…



…the incredible proven formula that’s going to give you the ability to sell that beautiful tasty meat to die hard meat lovers across the globe that will become loyal followers, fans and buyers always coming back for the next feed!

I know you probably feel like you’ve thrown a ton of money down the drain getting traffic to your offer…

And you’re almost ready to throw in the towel…

The thing is…

It’s not your fault.

You don’t know what you don’t know.

What you do know is that what you have to offer can truly help people, if only you could find these people and position it right in front of them.



Thanks to all you “read to the bottom of the page” type’s!

As every word travels from this story to your brain you’re discovering that…

…you’re now the one that get’s my full attention.

Yes you!

And because of this…

Listen: I’ve got something that I want to show you.

That little something is going to show you…

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Alesha "got something for ya" Drew



Imagine what it would be like if YOU had the magical ability to generate these types of results.

Visualize it.

See yourself doing it.



You’re intelligent enough to know that we’ve reached the point now where you’ve really only got two choices.

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2.You’re lazy and will continue searching for the “Guru Secret”, wasting wads of cash on traffic that doesn’t convert leaving you majorly frustrated and pissed off.

Remember: Nothing changes when nothing changes.

I know I have a ton of cool stuff to share with you which is revealed behind the curtain on this next page.

Thanks to all the BS, fluff, hype and bogus claims you see online these days, it’s totally understandable to be a little apprehensive right now.

BUT there are real people like you and me out there…


People you can trust.


If you’re literally dying to create the results you and your family deserve, isn’t it time to take action and educate your soul with some mind boggling stuff that can change everything for you if you let it?

What this REALLY means is that you finally spend every precious moment with those that you love on your own terms, no one else’s.

Look: Honestly, I’ve been to hell and back figuring this “stuff” out.
I feel your pain because I’ve been there.

You’re not alone, let’s do this together because the view from the top of the mountain awaits you.

Enough said.

Let’s rock!

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